Hebrew School 2.0 - Educating kids so their love of Judaism won’t expire at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Chabad Hebrew School is a stimulating and friendly learning environment where children are instilled with a true sense of Jewish pride, a well-rounded appreciation of Judaism and a deep love for the land of Israel.

Our school is a contemporary learning center that successfully caters to Jewish families from all walks of life. We welcome every Jewish child, regardless of religious background or level of observance.

We want our students to experience Judaism as a relevant and integral part of their lives and we believe that this is best accomplished in a warm and joyous setting.

Come vist and see why Chabad Hebrew School is the best choice for your family!


Top 7 Reasons:

Top 7 reasons people send their children to Chabad Hebrew school:


1. Child have pride in being Jewish and a positive feeling towards their Judaism

2. Low teacher to student ratio

3. Welcoming to students from all levels of Jewish knowledge

4. Looking ahead they got my back

5. Membership is not required to be part

6. They have a staff dedicated to their childrens needs

7. I’m making their Bubby proud