Dear Sister,

I'm delighted to invite you to join the Rosh Chodesh Society at Chabad of Northeast  Portland, an educational experience For Women, By Women. Each lesson is rich with fascinating, relevant, and meaningful insights gleaned from the Torah's teachings and is accompanied by a delicious dinner, and a vibrant bond with Jewish sisters

The Rosh Chodesh Society’s upcoming course, One Wow Moment, explores seven biblical women's stories of strength and courage as they expressed their truest birthright: fulfilling G‑d's desires and others' needs.

Recognizing that modern life rears a rapid series of crossroads bearing mixed signals, this course is a valuable and intriguing guide to exerting confidence, courage, empowerment, altruism, and deeper purpose when faced with unexpected opportunity, personal dilemmas, and moments of consequential decision.

Register below to treat yourself to a monthly ladies' night that nourishes the body and soul. Now, more than ever, is a great time to grow and connect, during these challenging times. It would be my honor to welcome you! 

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