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Illuminating the community with Acts of Kindness

Every week, our devoted volunteers bring a beautiful shabbat package and a friendly visit to community members. From seniors, homebound, new mothers, families dealing with illness or someone new to the area.

These visits bring much joy and comfort in addition to giving volunteers an opportunity to befriend and build a relationship with community members.

What's provided?
Each package of food delivered consists of Matzah Ball Soup, freshly made challah, a dip, dessert and the Scroll.

The Program
The Chesed Connection is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers. Teens and adults are actively involved in preparing and delivering the packages.

Many volunteers bring their children along for the shabbat deliveries, teaching by example that even a small contribution of their time and effort can have a significant impact on members of their community.

How can I help?
You can help and impact others! Your time, Your Kind Donation and involvement makes a difference.


"We have a special connection in our Community wherein we share what I like to call "Shabbos Love" with our brothers and sisters. Wonderful challah and matzo ball soup are the main course made with love to help celebrate the best day of the week, Shabbos!

For me, driving about town, bringing these packages is the highlight of my week.  I get to be a connecting piece of bringing a meal that feeds not only the body, but one's soul.  

Bringing the Shabbos Love packages to our Mishpocha reiterates Psalm 89:3: "The world was built with chesed." 
Thank you for allowing me to help keep the chesed connection going.

- Laureen 

As a senior, the Covid pandemic has severely limited my ability to be with family, friends or out in the world.  
Loneliness was beginning to threaten my emotional well being when Chabad started delivering Shabbat packages. Now, each week, a volunteer rings my doorbell on Friday afternoon with a package of soup, challah, spread, and the "Scroll" weekly reader.  

The package has come to mean even more, it eases Shabbat so that at sunset, I can light candles and truly feel grateful, warmed by the visit and heart-made soup. 

I know it takes many hands to prepare the Shabbat packages. A deep heartfelt thank-you to all of those involved in the Chabad Chesed Connection for your gift of generosity and love.  

- Hope


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